Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Have you had a coconut oil massage??

What a treat! Cononut oil makes a wonderful massage oil because:
- it smells amazing -- like you are in the tropics
- it moisturizes your skin long after the massage has stopped
- it works at removing toxins in your skin
- it is full of antioxidents
- it minimizes premature aging -- inside and out
- and it will heal any infections on your body (similar to the way that aloe does)

Coconut oil does all of this naturally with no harsh chemicals. How many other products can do so much naturally???

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Coconut Oil - Are there downsides to it??

I say no and here is why:

1) Coconut oil is made up of medium chained fatty acids. These MFCAs are very potent and they are known for their ability to kill off harmful parasites, bacteria and even viruses. Are MFCAs bad for you? If they are than mother's milk is not good for you and we know that is not true. Both mother's milk and coconut oil contain this type of fatty acid.

2) Coconut oil is not toxic to the human body. It is an edible fatty acid and these are typically the least likely to be toxic to us and our pets.

3) Coconut oil is like any other food. If you are someone who happens to be allergic to it, you shouldn't eat it. However, coconut oil is not on the list of foods people are often allergic to like nuts, wheat, eggs, dairy, etc.

4) Coconut oil does have one interesting side effect -- good or bad. If you eat a lot of it you may find that it loosens your bowels. This could be a great side effect if you have trouble regularly emptying your bowels. However, if you eat coconut oil with other foods and liquids, you will not experience that much of this positive side effect!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Coconut Oil and Chemo

Recently I have started with my first dose of chemotherapy to fight the multiple sclerosis in my body. I am not so excited about the toxicity of the chemo but I am excited about the potential impact of the chemo on my MS.

One of the drawbacks of chemo is how it can dramatically lower your white blood cell counts and make you susceptible to colds, flu, etc. One benefit of coconut oil that I'd forgotten is that coconut oil boosts your immune system thereby minimizing sickness, cold and flu.

This really is refreshing and exciting news to chemotherapy patients. If they just all knew that taking regular doses of coconut oil would actually help them in the critical health time period between their chemo doses -- this would alleviate a lot of concern and worry.

It is really a challenge to stay out of stores, stay away from public places and keep away from sick people and still conduct your life. It is a real treasure to be able to take something like coconut oil as an extra layer of protection for this delicate health situation.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Coconut Oil and Dogs!

My Shih Tzu continues to have problems with his skin. He scratches and licks so much that he has bare patches where he has pulled all of the fur out. It is awful. I have known for a few years how great coconut oil is for people but I really want to do something else for my dog. I have finally got his hair (it is really hair and not fur) where it is soft but he is still itching. That tells me it is not a topical problem.

So, of course, I am turning to coconut oil in an attempt to give him some relief. What I found was that I am not the first to experiment with coconut oil and dogs. Countless people have tried this with their pooches and found relief from a number of canine problems. My one challenge was to put it on my dog's food and make sure he was eating up as he often eats a few bites and walks away. The nice side effect of feeding my dog coconut oil on his food is that it is very fragrant and my dog eats it up.

Thank goodness for coconut oil!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Coconut Oil -- a crazy dichotomy

I am trying to better understand the impact of coconut oil on the body. I know that everything I read indicates that even though coconut oil is comprised of saturated fat (92%, in fact), the type of fat actually works different from its sinister counterparts. So, I started snooping around on coconut oil and heart is what I found.

- coconut oil is high in saturated fat and saturated fat is often connected to high blood pressure
- consuming coconut oil and coconut flesh are two very different things and vary greatly in how our bodies utilize coconut products
- eating coconut meat actually lowers blood pressure having a positive effect on heart-related activity
- even though consuming coconut oil increases cholesterol, there is little evidence indicating any negative effects of coconut oil (therein lies the dichotomy)

So while I have friends who would not touch coconut oil with a ten foot poll, I do believe that coconut oil is an anamoly and we should look into it and challenge everything about it but don't be surprised if all you can find is good information about this wonder product!

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Coconut Oil -- enjoy the benefits!!

I am constantly astounded by all of the cures coconut oil possesses. There are areas in the world where coconut is used daily as a source of food and a source of healing. Try using coconut oil for these things:

- minimize and stop wrinkles, dark spots and loose skin
- shiny, conditioned hair and with little or no dandruff
- not toxic in any way to the human body
- alleviates most skin issues including those that stem from dry, irritated skin (psoriasis, eczema, etc.)
- brings skin and hair back to nature's balance after all of the harsh chemicals we use
- minimizes effects and impact of sun damage on skin
- free of internal use and external use side effects

Can you believe how good it is for you? Even if you don't like to eat coconuts, you can still benefit from coconut oil's wonderful side effects by using it topically. It works great for pets, too!!

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Coconut Oil -- A cure for stress and your bones!

Coconut oil is such an important health elixir for everything. It is the most natural and curative product on earth. Here is how it can help your bones and the common side effects of stress.

One of the challenges we have with our bones and as we age is the all-important absorption of minerals. If our bones do not absorb the appropriate levels of calcium and magnesium, they won't develop correctly and will become brittle and thus, break easier. This is a huge problem for women as they get older. Lack of mineral absorption causes osteoporosis. A simple thing like taking a few tablespoons of coconut oil can help tremendously with this -- and coconut oil is a lot cheaper (and more natural) than costly medical-related treatments.

Stress is also a huge problem for people today. Stress causes so many diseases yet we can not avoid it in our every day lives. One way to naturally alleviate stress and halt its side effects is to topically apply coconut oil. If you simply massage a little coconut oil into the top of your head, in a massage-like motion:

- it will soothe you gently from the scent and the massaging motion
- the gentle massage will relax you and take the focus away from the stress
- you'll minimize mental fatigue which only encourages stress
- you'll be doing something that helps you focus on you

It sounds flighty but it really works to reduce stress.

Start making a committment to integrate a little coconut oil into your life everyday. What do you have to lose???

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